Thursday, October 27, 2011


well my first time being sick away from home is not going so well.

I am running a 101 degree fever.
my body is aching.
one minute I am freezing the next I am sweating to death.
my throats just a bit scratchy.
and well my head feels like it may explode.

usually at this point my mom would be showering me with yellow gatorade, the cheap chicken noodle and soup (because it's the best), and redbox movies.
I would be on my couch or my parents extra large bed and I wouldn't move all day long.
if I got really hungry my mom would make me a grilled cheese to go with my soup and bring it out on this cute little "breakfast in bed tray"
of course instead of all of this I cooped up in my dorm room, infecting my roommate. and I went out and bought yellow gatorade and redbox movies for myself. still missing the soup.

the campus clinic wasn't much help either.
they told me to take motrin...
too bad I am allergic.

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

writers block.

I am having some serious writers block lately.
I am not sure if it is due to the fact that I am either working or at school  90 percent of the time so there is nothing really to write about or if I am just becoming less creative as I get older. 

maybe it is a combination of both, but either way here are a few updates on my life.

1. as I mentioned in a previous post I got a job. 
and I love it.
shop fossil.

2. my hair is back to it's normal blonde.
I knew I couldn't deal with the brown long.
(and people for sure treat you different with different color hair)

3. I drink chocolate milk with almost every meal here.
and I couldn't be happier.

4. my roommate is honestly the best.
she sings all the time, and wakes me up every morning by crawling into my bed and saying "time to get up auts"
(I love when she calls me auts)

5. the very loved nickname auts is beginning to pick up here in tampa...
thanks to the roomie.

6. I have a new super cute friend who happens to play minor league baseball for the yankees..
we do the most random things together.

7. my birthday is in four days, which means my dad is here in two!
we already have a brocatos date.

8. anatomy is my favorite college class.
who would have thought the hardest class would be my favorite.
my professor slightly resembles one of my teachers from high school and I am never bored in her class.

9. twitter junkie.

10. I am ready to go on a mission trip. 
I wish I could go over Christmas break.

11. speaking of Christmas, it is 66 days away.

12. I am 100% a coffee addict.
actually I am drinking it at this very moment... (it's five pm)

13. I joined a intramural basketball team...
and somehow got talked into a softball team.

14. I am seriously considering ordering myself flowers.

15. the weather here today is PERFECT.

16. I have eaten more burritos in the past two months than most people do in a lifetime...
and I am perfectly happy doing it.

17. I am done boring you people with weird details about my life.

hopefully soon I will think of some more interesting things to tell you about.

Monday, October 10, 2011

one of those.

somedays are just meant for crying.

this is one of those days.

Monday, October 3, 2011


so I work at fossil right.
well, it's quite unfortunate because all I want to use my paycheck for is watches, clothes, handbags, and there is even one super cute pair of shoes I spotted yesterday.

the fact that I get a 50% discount does not help.

yesterday I bought a pair of shorts, and a sweater.
considering that I would have had to paid 60 for the sweater and 50 for the shorts but now I am just paying 25 for both does allow me to sleep peacefully.

I am a poor college kid, and I need to work at a store that sells clothes for 70 year old men.