Thursday, July 26, 2012


today I had a chipotle burrito filled with:
white rice.
black beans.
mild and medium salsa.
extra sour cream.
and a tad bit of lettuce.

today was a good day.

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

summer recap.

so I realize I have not blogged in what seems like an eternity...
and when I thought about it I didn't really find it to be a big deal because very few people actually read it... until I stumbled upon the page that tells you just how many people do read it and I was pleasantly surprised.
so here I am writing, because people actually read.
keep reading please.

first things first.
sorry for the shouty capitals.
yes, he asked and I said yes.

I went to New York City.
that is where I got engaged actually.
it was amazing in every single way.

I have been to a Florida beach and a South Carolina one...
sorry Carolina, you will never measure up.
there is just something about that Florida air.

I said yes to the dress.
high five.

I have been taking some photographs of people.
it's the coolest job ever.
check them out RIGHT HERE.

I also have been working at the daycare.
not so much the coolest job ever.
but I love those kids.

I went to the wild and wonderful WV and decided on a wedding spot and visited with my family.

and I have been attending summer school.

busy life.
great life.
love life.