Saturday, May 25, 2013

it is time.

the title to this post makes me think of The Lion King.
and I love that.

much to everyone's dismay I have not blogged in a long while...
I know, heartbreaking.

my life is good.
very very good.

49 days until J and I are wed, and my eye is twitching just thinking about it.
apparently I am far more stressed then I allow myself to believe.
(if any of you have the cure for a twitching eyeball help a sister out)

we have bottles on bottles on bottles at our house.
they are everywhere & we are still collecting more.

I have house fever.
and I am IN LOVE with the one in Rural Hall on Main St.
someone buy it for me please.

Delana Carter is the best master of ceremonies (wedding coordinator) you will ever meet.
and she is one heck of a friend.

Mom is so cute when she cries about wedding stuff.

J and I scuba dive on Saturday!

as I said,
my life is very very good.