Friday, June 28, 2013

fifteen & counting.

Fifteen days until J & my best day ever.
We are so excited, yet a tad nervous about finishing all the last minute details.

Lately in my life,

1. My best friend Alex got engaged!
I could not be more excited and happy for her and Wes. They are going to have a wonderful marriage, beautiful babies, and I have no doubt they will follow God where ever he leads them. And also I am just PUMPED that I don't have to quit with wedding planning/crafting for about another year!

2. I have become the wedding crafter extraordinaire. 95% of what is at this wedding will be made by yours truly and my friends and family that have been so gracious to help me.

3. Dad and I wrote a song to be sung during the ceremony. It's a tear jerker let me tell ya. Todd, Jennifer, and Ryan knock it out of the park EVERY SINGLE TIME.

4. J and I got our scuba certification! And we booked two dives in the Keys for the honeymoon. I have dreamed about doing this for such a long time and I am so excited that I get to do it with my very best friend.

5. I cried thinking about all the wonderful people traveling from all over creation to come celebrate me and J. It is so overwhelming to be honest. God has blessed us in so many ways.

6. My photography business is really skyrocketing. An OBGYN is letting me display my labor&delivery sessions in his office. I am photographing 2 weddings in August. And I have a ton of other sessions lined up for after the wedding. It is so neat watching a dream of mine become a reality.

7. We moved most of my belongings to J's house Saturday.

8. We have been showered with wonderful gifts and well wishes not once, but three times.

9. I treated myself to a brand new honeymoon wardrobe. Alex witnessed the greatness.

10. I have converted myself to a graphic designer trying to finish up last minute wedding details. (Lots of youtube vidoe tutorials for this girl, but I am happy with the finished product)

11. I finished my last day of work at the daycare, and my last day of work until after the wedding.

12. Went on a lovely, relaxing weekend with my girls.

13. My life is good.