Tuesday, March 4, 2014

23 joyful days.

I have decided to choose joy.

My good friend Melissa and I wrote 23 joyous things to do for the next 23 days. As in, starting tomorrow March 5th. We would LOVE for you to join in! To keep each other accountable we are going to document everything on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter, or just one if you don't have all three! 

For all you that take on this list use #twentythreejoyfuldays

Melissa and I are not going to do everything in this particular order, but we have committed to having it all finished in 23 days. 

I am so excited to start this... 

1. Read Psalm 100
2. Exercise in your favorite way for 20+ minutes.
3. Call a family member you haven't talked to in a long time. 
4. Cook something new.
5. Spend 2 hours outside. (For Lissa this should be easy since she is the lucky one in Tampa, but surely we will get a pretty day in the next 23 here)
6. Buy yourself some fresh flowers. 
7. Buy someone else some fresh flowers. 
8. Sing in the shower. (I used to be a mega shower singer and sadly I stopped, I am picking up the habit!)
9. Go on a date with your favorite human. (For me this is J, for you it could be your mom, dad, brother, or best friend)
10. Paint a picture. (NO ARTISTIC ABILITY HERE! But I think it will make me happy)
11. Write a letter to a missionary. 
12. Play with sparklers. (They may be the happiest things on earth)
13. Visit your favorite spot... where you live. (My all time favorite spot would take about 26 hours on a plane to reach so, I will have to settle for my favorite spot here in NC)
14. Pray without ceasing, literally, I want you to pray all day long. 
15. Eat a cupcake, or two. 
16. Organize something in your life. 
17. Have a conversation with someone living on the street. 
18. Pay for someone behind you in the checkout line, wherever you decide necessary. 
19. Forgive someone, and pray for them. (Melissa gets all credit for this one, she is the greatest)
20. Take a risk in talking to someone about God. (Family member, friend, coworker, classmate. Show them the love of Jesus)
21. Leave and inspirational quote for someone to find. 
22. Leave 4 quarters in a vending machine with a nice note.
23. Bake something to take to work/class.

Did I mention I miss this Melissa girl.

Anyways, that is the challenge. You don't have to do these in any particular order. Some will take no time and some will take a lot of effort... but I think everyone should take the chance to choose joy.

Happy Tuesday!

insert picture from 2011.