Tuesday, August 12, 2014

the problem with Robin Williams being the most talked about thing in America

While I hope to not come across as insensitive in this post, I can't help but ask the question of why?

Turned on the news to try to catch up on more of what was going on in Iraq with the hundreds of innocent people being murdered in a vicious way, but all I learned was Robin Williams had died.

While I am terribly sad to hear this news, as he was a wonderful actor and comedian and I thoroughly enjoyed his movies, why in the world is he the top story? I am saddened for his wife and family, but I am amazed that this was the most talked about thing on the news.

I may be wrong, but children being beheaded by terrorists is far worse than one actor deciding life was no longer worth living. I am amazed at what the American culture considers groundbreaking news. Isis is probably laughing at how ridiculous we are. They are probably thinking that our country is a joke, and quite frankly, I don't blame them.

As a Christian, I was so convicted that we react quicker to a celebrity taking his own life, then our brothers and sister in Christ dying a brutal death because they profess His name.

As I earlier stated, my heart goes out to the Williams family, what a tragic time in their lives. But should it really be the lead story?