Thursday, November 8, 2012

new things.

so there are some things lately I have noticed that I like that I used to not be a big fan of.

1. polka dots.
I used to hate them, & now I love them.
it all started in may when my mom brought me a j.crew polka dot skirt.
I was instantly in love.

2. lipstick.
also I used to hate, & now love.
it started with a costume where I wore some red lipstick and J couldn't say enough about it.
so today I bought two new colors (that were really cheap but great quality, thanks meglivingston)
both are wet and wild and one is called "birthday suit" (scandalous I know) and the other is dark pink pearl (boring name, great color)

3. fall.
most people found it hilarious that I autumn was my second least favorite season.
but I don't like cold.
but this time around I like the new boots, cozy sweaters, and an excuse to cuddle.

happy thursday everybody.

Saturday, November 3, 2012

tis the season.

today we went Christmas shopping. 

it made me way too excited for Christmas. 

let's celebrate.