Friday, April 29, 2011

feel just like cinderella.

the royal wedding(:
it was absolutely fabulous. and I am very glad I watched it.
kate middleton is amazing.
I really do kinda love her, and she looked beautiful as always.

I wish them a long and happy marriage.
and an awesome party going on right now.

now its harrys turn.
I may just go and join in on the fun when that happens.
aly and I have already planned it..
we are booking tickets to england as soon as he announces his engagement and wedding date.
who knows... maybe we will get an invitation.

and with all this royal buzz I decided to watch the kings speech...
seriously its like the best movie ever.
so I must bid you all adieu.
the movie is starting((:

Thursday, April 28, 2011

you go crazy.

for the past three days I have done nothing but sit on my couch and watch stuff about the royal wedding, marathon episodes of house, and romatic comedies.
and last night well I thought I was going to have to shoot myself.
luckily I got to go to school today, unluckily when I got to school I wanted to go back to my wonderful couch and let my brain rot a little more.
oh how I love knee surgeries.

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

ride an elephant.

welcome to my dreams.
my bucket list.
I hope you enjoy.
(bold are things I have accomplished.)

1. fall in love.
2. graduate high school.
3. go to college.
4. visit every continent, at least all except antartica. (halfway there.)
5. go to space, I know its far-fetched but honestly it is my dream... and you can do it here.
6. take a roadtrip with just a friend. (june 11th!!)
7. take a roadtrip by myself.
8. give someone I dont know flowers.
9. ride an elephant.
10. ski in the alps. 
11. sail a sail boat.
12. skydive.
13. learn a second language.
14. have a hotdog from coney island.
15. new years eve in times square.
16. be in a movie, somehow, someway.
17. write a book. (working on it.)
18. get married.
19. have a baby.
20. egypt.
21. greece.
22. take pictures of a wedding. (june 4!!)
23. have pizza in italy.
24. go to the olympics, as a spectator.
25. swim with sharks.
26.  be two places at once. 
27. get a pilots license.
28. hang out with a lion (favorite favorite animal.)
29. ride a motorcycle.
30. run a marathon.
31. go to the today show.
32. karaoke.
33. read all the way through the Bible.
34. watch the pittsburgh steelers play live.
35. watch duke play live.
36. watch boston play at fenway park.
37. learn to play guitar.
38. spend the night on the beach.
39. ride on the autobahn.
40. go to a drive in movie.
41. scuba dive. preferably off the great barrier reef, but I cant be too picky.
42. watch every movie that has won best picture at the academy awards.
43. be inducted into a hall of fame. (2009 aau team. woohoo.)
44. donate blood.
45. own a great dane.
46. learn to make sushi.
47. talk in front of a crowd of at least 1000.
48. go to a greek wedding.
49. go to a midnight premier.
50. randomly break into song. somewhere completely random. you know, like they do in musicals.

life is either a daring adventure,
or nothing at all.
-helen keller.

Sunday, April 24, 2011

recycle your easter dress.

happy easter.

ohh and by the way I was thrifty on the easter dress this year.

see this picture..
this was easter when I was in eighth grade.

see this picture.
this was easter this year, when I am a senior.
please dont judge the hair or makeup.
I had just woken up.

have a wonderful mondayy(:

Monday, April 18, 2011

are a really bad blogger. but you have good reason.

so I realize that I have not blogged in over a week. but I have a really good excuse. honest.
a very important "friend" of mine was here.
his name is aaron.
and ya'll in the blog world have met him a few times before, but I still am going to talk about him.
because I love him a lot and well because he is very worthy of talking about.

aaron and I met when I was in fourth grade and he was in sixth.
and well that story would take like a million years to type so Ill spare you, at least for tonight.
but it is a really really good story.

he is my best friend, you know that person you can talk to about anything.
and you know those people that you just cant help but smile around, well thats him too.
he loves God and trusts Him to do great things and keep him safe.
he serves his country.
he is good at like everything... I am not exaggerating... everything. but one day I will find something I can beat him in.... one day.
he has a smile that could make you melt in two... see for yourself..........

he sings all the time. and he actually isnt half bad.
he has a bike that I act like I hate, but I secretly like.
it looks something like this.

his favorite thing to eat is pizza. especially pineapple and ham pizza. and I have him addicted to mellow mushroom (my favorite place to eat everrr)
he is the sweetest person ever. he is sweet to me, my family, my friends, strangers.
he thinks he loves me more than I love him, but I can assure you he is wrong.

I could go on and on about him allll dayyy long.
but I am sure that would get boring to all you readers.
so for now I will just miss him.
and lets pray he can come back next week.
thats the plan at least(:

and miss you like something crazyy.
hurry up and come back.

Ill see you soon.

Monday, April 4, 2011

make it official.

hello university of tampa.

I am pumped.
my new home, starting august something(: