Monday, January 27, 2014

I didn't want to go to church.

Yesterday morning I didn't want to get up and go to church.

I know, how unspiritual of me.

Anyways, I was tired (and cold) and wanted to snuggle in my bed. I normally am excited about going to church and have no problem getting motivated to get myself ready. Yesterday I had to roll out of bed and make myself get ready.

Once I got to church I was still feeling tired and wanted to go home (turns out I was sick), but decided to stay anyway.


During choir I noticed a young couple just a row in front of where I normally sit. They looked like they were teenagers and were sitting by themselves. I sat behind them during the service and the entire time I felt like I needed to pray for the boy in the rugby styled shirt.

Weird, right?


See, God knew that he wasn't saved and that he needed the courage to walk to the front after the service to ask someone to show him how he could be, and God used me.

God has worked in my life in many ways before but I don't know that it was ever so humbling as it was yesterday morning. He could have easily had someone else pray for him, or just given him the courage on his own to walk to the front, but instead He had me (the girl that didn't even want to go to church that morning) experience the blessing of watching someone you just spent an hour praying for walk the aisle and trust Christ as their Savior.

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