Monday, March 28, 2011

pray for patience.

you know when you ask God to give you patience, well be careful what you wish for.
I have been waiting for over a month now on some very crucial information about my future and well I am still waiting.
I don't want to make it seem like I am rushing God or anything but I am going to be completely honest and tell you that I am extremely nervous to see what that letter that is going to come in my mail says.
honestly no matter what it says I will be okay with it.
and for the longest time I couldn't say that.
but yesterday during church my pastor said something that I just cant get out of mind.
he said that it doesn't take much of a man (or woman) to do something for God, it just takes all of him.
so whether going to the naval academy or the university of tampa is what God has for my life I have to be all there.
now I must say it would be absolutely fantastic to know what exactly that is... but I am sure I am learning some sort of lesson by having to wait.
thats another thing I have learned, God is always teaching us something, even when we don't really realize it.
and sometimes you just want to say don't you think I have learned enough lately but then you sit back and see that its really all in your best interest and you will be better for it in the long run.
and you just have to ask God to not only give you patience, but to also provide you with some peace.
He will never forsake you, His love never ends.

but He knoweth the way that I take, and when He hath tried me I shall come forth as gold.

Thursday, March 24, 2011

go mad.

its the most wonderful time of the year.
march madness.
I love it, basketball all night every night.
these men and women amaze me.
like seriously.... its insane what they can do.

the good.

yes that is a girl.
her name is maya moore. 
and she is pretty incredible.

the bad.

they play dirty.
I dont like them.

and the UGLY.

carolina tar heels.
I hate you with all that is in me.
just so you know.

the ones that are fun to watch..

you understand...

the upsets.

and the ones that amaze you.

thats all there is to be said about him.

but of course the best part of this entire month is watching your team, hopefully win.
and going crazy along with all the other fans.

lets go DUKE.

the winners.

th brothers.

the shooters.

the comeback.

the player of the year.

the soon to be most winning-est coach of all time.

and the crazies.

lets make it two in a row.

Monday, March 21, 2011

wish you never had to leave.

well if you are a new reader then you do not know that I have moved eleven times... and that for five years of my life I was in florida.
the place I consider my home.
last thursday me my daddy and gavs drove down to spend a few days.
I was able to spend time with crystal.
and also spend time with my very very very bestfriend...

I love this boy so very much. and I really wish I got to see him more than I do.
buttttttt for now I will just have to make do with the time we have together. 

we went to florida..
A. for me to visit the university of tampa.

which I looveeeddd.
it would be very east for me to call this place my home.
but we will see....


B. we went to a wedding of one of my families really good friends.

it was a beautiful wedding and I am super happy for mrs donna.

I just wish I could move back there.
I really really wish I could.
it feels like home.
and I miss it quite terribly.

Sunday, March 13, 2011

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

take a picture. or two.

I was given my first camera at the age of twelve, and lets just say I dont think I ever put it down.
I became obsessed with taking pictures and no matter what I was doing or where I was... I had my camera by my side.

well in the past year or so I have been working on a senior exit project that is required by my school board. (which is like the stupidest thing ever but I am not going to waste the time to talk about it any further).
so anyways for my project I decided I would do something really really easy.. take pictures.

so I asked two of my best friends if I could "borrow" them and use them as models for there fake senior pictures. and of course they agreed.

aly and sarah.
thank you.
here are their beautiful faces.

that was a few of my favorites of them.
well after I took these I posted them on facebook.
and a lot of people told me they really liked them and I was flattered.
well about a month ago one of my super close friends charity (new character in my blog who is getting married and I am a bridesmaid in the wedding) asked me to take some pictures of her and her future husband corey. 
well of course I jumped all over the idea of taking engagement pictures!
so we are taking them this sunday. now just a side note. they have never kissed and are going to wait until their wedding day to do so... so no kissing pictures! 
but I am pumped about taking these.

and on top of all that.
the wonderful deneen that took my senior pictures is taking pictures for a wedding the first weekend in june and needed a second photographer... and she asked me to do it.
this is probably the most exciting thing ever.
first off I love love love weddings.
secondly. the bride is beyond gorgeous and the groom is in the navy and more than likely is wearing his dress whites during the wedding which will make for some fantastic pictures.
I already have a list of everything I need to take pictures of that day.
I am also already nervous because I cant mess up!

I am glad that I started taking pictures when I did. 
it is my creative outlet.
and they make the best memories. 

my new obsession.
you must try it.
arizona arnold palmer lite half iced tea and half lemonade. 
found at most gas stations.
ahhh its perfect.
and it makes me ready for some warm weather.

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

fly that high.

listen while you read.

on monday I posted about a few things my dad had taught me, and all that was running through my mind the last few days. and well it seems like we were thinking the same things..
yesterday afternoon I was called to the front office during fourth period to get an envelope my dad had left me...
inside was a poem written for me from my daddy.
here it is... 

Do Cardinals fly that High?
from a daddy to his incredibly special daughter. 

 It seems that only yesterday
That little girl of mine
Would race around our family home
And have me check her time

She had a drive I knew to well
More than most you see
A drive to do her very best
Not to follow but to lead

I’ll not forget the field day races
On each 4th of July
Shed smoke the field with ease it seemed
Man that girl could fly!

A soccer team was put in place
In our little town that fall
Goalie was her favorite job
They labeled her “The Wall”

We headed south as God would lead
A tough move on us all
But there she found a passion for
The game of Basketball

When we left she was but a youth
With beautiful blue eyes
She’d play much older than she was
But not to my surprise

The mascot was an Eagle
With most still in the nest
But very soon I noticed
That one flew from the rest

Those early years were tough you see
The team was so ill treated
Hard work and effort implemented
And you were undefeated

And just as things would settle down
And you were in the groove
The Lord would challenge once again
And we would make a move

 The move was such a testing time
As life was torn asunder
The colors and the mascot changed
And God reversed your number

As everything would different seem
There was one common thing
An Eagle and a Cardinal….
Well both of them have wings

And fly you would in spite of all
The fowler’s ill intentions
Varsity your freshman year
All conference Honorable Mention

Soon after this you’d take a fall
To draw the charge you’d try
Hard work and grit, determination
Again you soon would fly

And more than you would fly as well
As time went out of sight
I blinked but once or twice it seemed
And it was Senior Night

No chance to win a playoff game
Is what most folks would tell
The slipper fit so perfectly
You danced so very well

Your Mom and I were proud you see
And for you we would yell
You played with strong determination
You played as tough as nails

And Friday when you looked at me
I struggled not to cry
And then a thought occurred to me
Do Cardinals fly that High?

I must admit how proud I was
As tears streamed down your face
To watch you soar uncommonly
In such a lofty place

 And you’ll fly high for all you life
I’m sure of this one thing
For God has truly blessed you with
A pair of strong firm wings

And as I close I’ve asked a question
To that I must reply
I’ve seen it with my own two eyes
Yes, Cardinals fly that High

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

start the countdown.

only 16 days and I will be here....

with these people.

ohhhhhboy am I excited(:

ps. an awesome poem coming on the blog tomorrow.
written by a very special person.

have a good night.