Friday, December 24, 2010

have a thrill of hope.

christmas to some people is all about the shopping, gifts, santa clauses, traditions, food, families etc.
but to me christmas is about something so much more.

its about the reason I am able to say it is well.
its about the reason I sing.
its about the reason that I dont have to worry about what the future holds.
its about the reason that I can rest assure knowing I am on my way to a far better place than this earth.
its about the reason He was born in a manger. a nasty smelly manger.
its about the reason He lived a perfect life. no sin. no shame.
its about the reason He was crucified. being beat past recognition. being spat upon. being mocked. being all alone in complete darkness taking on my sin along with yours.
its about the reason He conquered death. raising from the dead three days later.
its about the reason He made those who accept Him a home in heaven.
its about the reason He is coming back to take us there someday.

its about love.

Thursday, December 23, 2010

talk about the one.

this entire post is totally completely 100% dedicated to one person.

the one that knows me better than I know myself.
the one that has a million favorite songs.
the one that has a smile that could make the most miserable person in the world smile back.
the one that is good to my brother.
the one that drives eight hours on a regular basis to see me.
the one that knows my favorite and not so favorite things.
the one that is ridiculously good looking (:
the one that always finds a way to make me laugh.
the one that always laughs at himself.
the one that is good at everything... its kinda sickening.
the one that makes me feel safe.
the one that loves God.
the one that tells me he loves me at least once a day... usually more than once.
the one that is my best friend.
the one I tell everything to.
the one that loves hats, pizza, and cars.
the one that leaves great voicemails.
the one that makes my life more enjoyable.
the one that I miss.
the one that had me from the very beginning. (which was in fourth grade).
the one that cant keep surprises.
the one that I always can count on.

the one that thinks he loves me more.

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

get a much needed break.

last week was suppossed to be when christmas break officially started...
but since our bad weather kept us out of school thursday and friday I had to go to school four days before christmas...
and yeah I dont like it.butttttt
today is my last day until january 3rd.

and in all my classes all we have done is eat and exchange gifts.

(And Coach Cook is so awesome. He has cool shoes and jeans. I wish he was the girls basketball coach. That would be great.) <-------coach cook wrote this. but I decided to leave it.

anyways my yearbook secret santa did a fantastic job getting my gift.
she bought me a ten dollar bath and body gift card.
and two awesome superman glasses.

that lovely lady right there was the secret santa.
she is in my yearbook class and I love her to death.
we also are like just alike... we even have the same name.
although she doesnt go by it.

my yearbook party was definitely the best of all my classes.
ka made some fantastic oreo balls. (follow her at ate like ten.
and we had some salt n vinegar chips. one of my addictions.

only about thirty more minutes and Ill be leaving this place for the next two weeks.
a much needed break.

and to make it even better my bestfriend/boyfriend is here(:

merry christmas break to me.

Thursday, December 16, 2010

sing it a little differently.

so the other morning on my way to school
I was jamming out to some k-love.
for those of you who dont know k-love is a fantastic christian radio station that I listen to all the time.
but anyways..
I love talk radio, so in the mornings I always listen to lisa and eric.
well this morning they were talking about how for the first time since 1992 brett farve hadnt started in a football game.....
yes you read correctly 1992.
I was in shock.
I had no idea.
so because of this they were having listeners call in and tell what has happened in their lives since 1992.

for me 1992 was the year I was born... so everything that has happened to me has happened to me since then... but this story is not about me.

so a caller from somewhere out west called in and told her story.
lets just say her name was megan.
megan started out by saying that in these past 18 years she had gotten married. had kids. had a divorce. remarried. had more kids. and her parents had died.
I thought to myself wow. and I also wondered why she had called in??? but I continued to listen.

she then went on to tell about how her prayer warrior of a sister kept inviting her to church and told her about Jesus and all the wonderful things He had done for her. she then said that about three years ago (because of her sisters persistance) she trusted Christ as her savior.
after that megan began to try and develop a closer relationship with Christ.
one way that her sister tried to push this along was christian radio..

her sister loved to sing... especially the song amazing grace.
she sang it ALLLL the time. but she sang it a little differently then everyone else.
she had no real reason. she just sang it differently.

she told her about k-love and how awesome it was but for whatever reason megan never really listened to it.

around a year ago her sister died.
megan was devestated.. and didnt understand why.
she wanted to blame God. and began to until one day....

she turned on her radio.

this is the song she heard.
amazing grace.
but not exactly how everyone knows it.

she just smiled. and her radio station hasnt changed since.

so then they played the song.
I cried the whole rest of the way to school.
thank God my chains are gone and I've been set free.

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

sing happy birthday to kitten.

today is a very special day.
its the day that my wonderful best friend was brought into this world.

happy 18th birthday kitten.
i love you more than words can say.

Sunday, December 12, 2010

introduce yourself.

I was reading my previous blog and realized that I had introduced everyone in my life and told a little about them except myself.
and I would consider myself a crucial part of my life.
so here are some of my favorite things. and some random facts.

1. I love Jesus.
2. when I have my own house I want a great dane.
3. my favorite colors are grey, yellow, and green.
4. I dream almost every night.
5. I could eat hawaiin pizza ramen noodles and chocolate milk everyday of my life and be content.
6. I am a movie junkie.
7. my favorite book is the great gatspy.
8. I love to sing. loudly and everywhere.
9. I take pictures allllllll the time.
10. I own nine watches and counting. I pretty much have a collection and I wear one everyday.
11. I hate cold weather. including snow. well let me rephrase that..... I hate living in cold weather. visiting it and going skiing is fine.
12. christmas eve and the fourth of july are my favorite holidays.
13. my favorite teachers everrr are freeman and cook.
14. I play basketball everyday.
15. I procrastinate.
16. I really want to go to space. but I will settle for greece.
17. troy palamalu is the greatest. I love him and the rest of the pittsburgh steelers. I love watching the redsox. duke basketball and march madness are wonderful.
18. driving with the windows down is my favorite thing about summer.
19. mellow mushroom is the greatest place on earth.
20. I have a childish obsession with superman. (I even have a superman watch)
21. august is my favorite month.
22. I want a sailboat, a yellow jeep, and an old bike so badly I cant stand it.
23. is my beyond favorite number.

thats me(:

what are a few random facts about you all?

Thursday, December 9, 2010

explain the title.

so before I get to far into telling all about my life I figured it would be a good idea to explain why I named my blog today you.
so here it goes.
first I am going to have to tell you that my favorite movie is (500) days of summer.

my best friend aly and I are obsessed with greeting cards.
alll kinds of greeting cards(:

thats aly in target. (our favorite shopping spot)
looking at greeting cards.
but anyways back to my explanation.

in (500) days of summer Tom (the main character) is a greeting card writer.
and in the movie Summer meets Tom at the office they both work at...
and one of the cards that he wrote is 

"Today you become a man...

mazel tov on your bar mitzvah."

well for whatever reason aly and I thought this to be one of the greatest cards ever...
along with another one from the movie that says.

"everyday you make me proud..
today you get a card"

so inspired by this card writing genius aly and I decided to write our own "today you" cards.
for example:

while we were discussing baby names...

"today you become in need of some serious pain killers..
mazel tov on your new baby."

and when school wasnt going so well....

"today you become a failure at US history...
mazel tov on having a life."

and when we were watching reality television..

"today you are beautiful..
mazel tov on your plastic surgery."

so as you can see we have a lot of spare time on our hands...
and we use it so so well.
but there it is.
the reason my blog is called today you.
thank you (500) days of summer and aly.

and by the way... just in case you didnt know
mazel tov means congratulations.

Sunday, December 5, 2010

talk about some important people.

I am going to talk about some VERY important people in my life.

starting with my wonderful family.
this is mom and daddy.

they are most definitely the greatest parents anyone could ask for.
mom--- is so easy to talk to. she listens better than anyone I know.
she loves Jesus and tells me all the time how awesome He is.
thats what I love most about her.
daddy--- is the happiest person I know. every morning I can count on him singing....
and even though I act like I hate it, I really dont.
he also loves Jesus and gives Him all he has to offer. which is a lot.
he is pretty incredible.

next is my brother, gavs.

gavs--- is the funniest kid you will ever talk to.
he knows how to drive my crazyy but he also knows exactly how to make me feel like someone really important.
he has the biggest heart and would do anything for just about anyone.
I am going to miss him in a few months.

now time to move on to my best friends.
lets start with aaron.

this is him. and me. together.
the way it should be.
not only is he my bestfriend. I also am proud to say he is my boyfriend(:

this was taken october 7.2010 and it was the first time we had seen each other in a year and two months.
it was also the first picture we had ever taken together.

I am absolutely crazyyy about this guy.
I love everything about him... even down to the smallest detail.
he can make me laugh even on my worst days, which is something I am thankful for.
I could go on and on about him but Ill just sum it up in....

he is one amazing bestfriend.

next is aly.

oh. where do I even start.
I would trust this girl with my life.
she has no cares when it come to what others make think about her and it is because she is living her life to please God not men.

we do everything together...
and I literally mean like everyythinnngggg.
and that is just how we like it.
me and her. bestfriends.
no one else would do.

this next girl is the girl I call kitten.

kitten is one of the greatest people in the worldddd.. not to mention one of the most beautiful.
I love her to death and would do anything for her... and I know she feels the same way.
she is the closest thing to a sister as I will ever get.
she also makes me laugh every single time I see her.
I am beyond thankful for laughter... and kitten.

next is seh.

she tells the best stories.
and makes my day. everyday.
in my phone her name is my lover. because you seriously cant help but love her.
she is a control freak (just like me)
actually it weird how much alike we are. 
but she is one awesome friend(:

and last but certainly not least is a girl I like to call jerry.

she is a long distance friend. 
yet still someone I can always count on.
she is one of those friends that you could have gone two weeks without talking to and you start a conversation and its like you saw each other everyday.
she loves unconditionally and is the best big sister I could ask for.

these are the people I care about most.
my life wouldnt be the same without them.
I love you all.